September 2010  
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 Dear Reader,

Life is change.  We do not really know what is around the next corner yet we act as though each day will be a mirror image of the last.  Then the landsc
Roland in the gardenape totally shifts.On Thursday September 9th we had final confirmation that our house and gardens in the mountains above Boulder was destroyed by the 4 Mile Canyon fire .  After a few days of holding our breath, we knew the worst.

It is ironic that in my August newsletter I described the evolution of my garden.  The linked spaces reflected the effort and love of 15 years of gardening; it had a special energy and natural somewhat untidy beauty.  But gardens are ephemeral: they last only as long as Nature decides.  The plumes of burning pine trees reached 200 feet in the air.  The temperatures were enough to melt steel and sterilize soil life to a depth of 18 inches.  Nothing survives.

I remember the hurricane in southern England in 1987.  It devastated famous landscape gardens that were 200 years in the making.  Thousands of mature trees were thrown around like matchsticks.  But gardeners are an undaunted lot.  We work with Nature – invite it to reflect visions of beauty residing in our minds.  Those famous gardens are now back to a stately grace similar but not the same as those past.

My garden travels with me – images and designs formed in my imagination.  Next week, we move into a rental house in Boulder with a small garden.  The first thing I will do is break out a new Brew Kit and give the whole place a good dose of Bountea.

Gardeners are naturally generous and giving.  Already, I have offers of plants and extra space.  The outpouring of love and support has been far beyond anything I could ever expect. 

I will be back with a further newsletter as soon as I can.  Maybe it will be about how to begin a garden from the beginning.  Strangely, as the fire closed in on our house early in the week, a strong concern was that my 40 varieties of seedlings would not get watered because of the evacuations!  Now they are all in Plant Heaven.
Happy gardening.

Best Regards,

Roland Evans
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