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Summer is finally upon us in the mountains of Colorado.  Apart from an occasional hail storm (that trashed my rhubarb and water lillies), the days are consistant sunny and dry.   The weeds are busily competing with the flowers and veggies and I have worked hard to get my watering system in order and working smoothly.  In this month’s article, I give some advice on how to minimize water consumption while making sure your plants get enough moisture.I am constantly moving plants around.  The annuals are moved into pots, hanging baskets and planters.  Corn, beans, salad greens and a few other odds and ends are waiting to find some room in the greenhouses or beds.  I planted suckers of the Colorado native Golden Currant into a hedge and friends have given me unnamed perennials that need a home.  Transplanting is hard on seedlings and older plants.  As I often do not have the Bountea Compost Tea at hand, I make sure that I have a bottle of QLC handy to help each plant through the shock of transplanting.Sincerely,Roland Evans
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June/July Garden Tasks
Now is the time to relax a little as most of your seeds and plants should be in the ground and growing well.   Make sure your soil remains moist and well covered; see article below.

June 15th
Seeds Outside: Succession sow carrots, salad greens and beans so that you get crops later in
the season.  Try mixed salad or pea green 
seeds in pots or trays to harvest “micro greens” during the summer.
Pest Control: Diatomaceous earth for earwigs. Sticky yellow tape for flea beetles.  Spray vegetable oil on cardboard paddles and shake plants so the flea beetles jump and stick to paddles.
For an effective Deer Deterrent recipe, click here. 

Ornamentals: Divide irises and Oriental poppiesBountea Compost Tea:  If this is your fourth application of the Bountea, keep it simple with just Humisoil and Bioactivator.  If you start to see flowers on your tomatoes and beans, think about adding some kelp to the Bountea, about 1 TBL per gallon.  This will provide extra Potassium (K) to help set fruits.  


Spotlight on Quantum Liquid Compost QLC
When you do not have time to brew the Bountea and you need to give those plants or seedlings an extra lift, QLC is the answer.  Packed with organic microbe, nutrients and minerals, QLC is super-concentrated; a capful in a wateringcan is all you need.  QLC ingredients include: Alaska Humisoil, Soft Rock Phosphate, Worm Castings, Humic Acid, Crab Meal, Kelp, Silica and Yucca, all of which nourish the soil life and provide an excellent boost to transplant growth.
QLC is on special at 10% discount until the middle of July.

Moisture in the Soil

Fertile soil requires water – about 25% of its volume.  Plant take up moisture through their roots, and use it to transport nutrients to every cell.  Soil microorganisms need water to survive and to move around.  Without water, the soil becomes parched, the microbes die, and soil is unable to support life.
Our job as gardeners is to keep the soil at an optimum moisture level without wasting this precious resource.  This requires efficiently getting the water into the ground and then keeping it there:irrigation and conservation.Irrigation
Hand watering is often the most efficient way of getting moisture to where it is needed.  However, it is time and energy consuming.  Other watering methods, in order of efficiency are sprinklers,
soaker hoses and drip irrigation.Ordinary sprinkler systems are wasteful and inefficient; moisture is lost to evaporation, the soil gets waterlogged and water on leaves can cause leaf-burn.
Tip: Consider using something like SpritzWiz (spritzwiz.com) to create an intermittent and more efficient watering system.Rubber soaker hoses made of recycles tires are relatively cheap and available, but clog in hard water areas and last only a few years.  They are an easy standby for row vegetable gardens.

High-pressure drip irrigation systems are efficient and extremely flexible, particularly when watering individual trees, shrubs, and perennials.  read more 
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