Planting Mix: Two parts Alaska Humisoil – one part sand — two parts coconut coir.

Growing TomatoesFor detailed growing information, check out the article: All About Tomatoes. Use similar methods for peppers and eggplants.

Apply Bountea with Root Web and M3 to the seedlings when their first true leaves appear.

Prepare the soil with Humisoil and SuperStart for Plants one week before transplanting.

If you use Bountea on ground that has been chemically fertilized, the plants may grow very large and set fruit late. This is due to the over-release of nitrogen. Do not add M3 but substitute B3 and prune hard.

To avoid tomato blight (brown blotches on the tomato leaves and stem), foliar spray the tomato plants with Bountea plus Root Web.
Chandrappa Gangaiah of Kansas State University, in consultation with John Evans, had good results using compost tea to control tomato blight.

Commercial Growers Bountea Application Schedule

Bountea Ingredients When / How Soil Drench/Foliar Spray
SuperStart for Plants + Humisoil Add to soil or planting mix before planting.
Bountea + M3 (no Root Web) 20 – 30 days before transplanting on prepared soil and seedlings Drench
Bountea + M3 + Root Web + Boron (if needed) At transplanting Drench
Bountea + M3 + Epsom Salts (if needed) 2 to 3 weeks after transplanting Drench and Foliar Spray
Bountea + M3 Every 2 weeks after transplanting Drench and Foliar Spray
Bountea + B3 Every 2 weeks when buds form Drench and Foliar Spray(only outside)

Boron is an essential trace element that can be replaced if needed by propriety products such as Solubor.

Epsom Salts is Magnesium Sulfate and is used for magnesium deficiency when tomato leaves turn yellow with green veins. Apply at a rate of 1 tbl per plant or ΒΌ cup to 4 gallons of Bountea Compost Tea.