Peas and Beans belong to the legume family: Peas: Pod, Snow, Snap, Sugar, Sweet Pea flowers, Fava or Broad bean (a close relative). Beans : Bush, Field, Pole, Runner, Dry.

Tips for growing Peas & Beans

  • Legumes add nitrogen to the soil and are essential in a 3 year crop rotation.
  • With application of the Bountea Growing System , it is not necessary to inoculate the seeds before planting.
  • Peas like cool weather and prefer to be direct sown and not transplanted (except Fava). Sow directly into the ground early in the season. Use floating row covers to protect from frost and insects.
  • Apply Bountea with M3 and Root Web to the seedlings when their first true leaves appear.
  • Beans like warm weather and can be transplanted more easily. Germinate early starts in 4 parts coconut coir to 2 parts Humisoil and 1 part sand.

Tips for growing Legumes

  • Add Humisoil and SuperStart for Plants to the soil one week before seeding or transplanting.
  • Transplant beans into well tilled ground and apply Bountea Compost Tea with M3 and Root Web as you plant.
  • Make sure the plants have lots of space around them (8 to 10) as they will grow larger with the Bountea System. Provide extra support for the larger growth.
  • Mulch around the plants with compost that has been activated with Bountea Compost Tea.
  • During the season, spray the leaves of the growing plants with Bountea Compost Tea diluted 10 to 1, every two to three weeks. This will help protect the plants from disease and pests.