Use for the Allium family: onions, leeks, garlic, shallots, spring onions. Alliums are cool season, medium feeders and like soil with lots of humus.

Tips on growing Onions

  • Germinate seeds early in 4 parts coconut coir to 2 parts Humisoil to 1 part sand.
  • Alternatively, purchase onion sets or plants from a reputable nursery.
  • Add Humisoil and SuperStart for Plants to the soil one week before seeding or transplanting.
  • Apply Bountea Compost Tea with M3 to the seedlings when they are about 3″ tall.
  • Transplant into well composted soil and water with Bountea plus Root Web as you plant.
  • Treat with Bountea every 2 – 3 weeks.

Tips on Growing Leeks

  • Trim roots of leek transplants and plant in holes made with a dibber (dibbler). Hill up as they grow or place a bottomless pot filled with soil around the stem.
  • Plant onions on slightly raised narrow hills. Onions need to be unrestricted and have heat directly on their bulbs. Pull the soil away from the bulb as they grow until they have only their roots in the soil. In cool weather cover the bulbs with row covers or wrap pantyhose around the bulbs.
  • During the season, spray the leaves of the growing plants with Bountea diluted 10 to 1, every three weeks. This will help protect the leaves from disease and pests.