Lawn Care TipsThe Bountea Growing System is a complete organic lawn maintenance program for:

Lush green turf

Extensive healthy grass root systems

Resistance to drought and foot traffic

Fill-in of unsightly animal urine patches

Decreased fungal problems

Grass treated with Bountea has strongly interlaced roots that protect the lawn from the effects of foot traffic, environmental stresses and drought.

For grass growing on depleted soils, mix SuperStart for Plants with Humisoil at a rate of 1 lb. of SuperStart to 40 lbs Humisoil. Spread ¼ to ½ over the entire lawn and water well.

Immediately apply Bountea with M3 at a rate of 1 gallon to 800 square feet. Keep soil damp for one week.
If you have used chemical fertilizers or toxic chemicals on your lawn, apply the Bountea weekly for four weeks. After that time, the microbes will have neutralized any toxicity.

If your lawn has bare patches or animal urine spots, sprinkle SuperStart for Plants onto the patches and water well.
Lawn treated with the Bountea may grow very quickly. To reduce the need for mowing, restrict the addition of M3 to your Bountea.

The Results of Using Bountea

Lawn After BounteaLawn Before Bountea
“Two months ago, I had the opportunity to test our new product SuperStart for Plants on the worst soil situation around.

This is a brand new house in Sutton Alaska and all the excavation material from under the house (clay and gravel) was leveled off for the lawn area. On my first inspection, I noticed that it was completely devoid of any organic material and the grass was barely alive except where the dog had urinated on it.

The first day we applied SuperStart for Plants and the following day we treated with Bountea and M3. That’s all we did.

The owners are overjoyed with the results and also the fact that it saved them thousands of dollars on topsoil and amendments for two and a half acres!”
John Evans