• General Soil Enrichment: for soil or growing medium in pots, greenhouse or garden.
    Simply brew the Bountea compost tea using Humisoil and Bioactivator.  Dilute 8-1 with clean water and apply the Bountea to the soil every 2-3 weeks throughout the season. Read more…
  • Planting and Transplanting: for seeds, cuttings, clones and transplants.
    Amend the soil or growing medium with SuperStart Fertilizer and Humisoil. Then apply Bountea as usual.
  • Hydroponics:
    Top feed system: dilute 1 part Bountea to 8 parts pure water.
    Reservoir system: use a 33-1 dilution rate of water to Bountea for your reservoir.
    When using Bountea at full strength, drain to waste every 48 hours. Read more…
  • Lawns:
    Mix SuperStart Fertilizer with Humisoil at a rate of 1 lb. of SuperStart to 40 lbs Humisoil. Spread a layer of ¼-½ inch over the entire lawn and water well. Immediately apply Bountea with M3 at a rate of 1 gallon to 800 square feet.
  • Problem Soils: for toxic soils, heavy clay and depleted soils.
    Add Humisoil and Super Start to the soil. Apply Bountea compost tea with M3 and Root Web every week for 4 weeks. Then use the Bountea system as usual. Read more…
  • Shrubs and Trees: for all woody-stemmed plants including tomatoes and perennial plants.
    Brew Bountea compost tea using Fungal Activator instead of Bioactivator. Add B3 to promote flowering and Root Web after diluting. Read more…