The Bountea Growing System will totally revitalize your soil ecology. No matter what soil type, the microbes, minerals and trace elements in Bountea ensure your soil becomes increasingly fertile with every application.

Unhealthy Soil
Unhealthy or dead soil is low in humus and has little or no microbial life. Plants grow poorly with spindly stems and deficient root systems.

If it is clay, soil becomes hard and solid when dry — sticky and heavy when wet. If it is sandy, soil holds little water and becomes dry and dusty.

Soil life is damaged or destroyed by chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Plants become ‘addicted’ to the chemicals in order to grow.

Healthy Soil
Healthy soil is a rich, deep brown color with 5%-10% humus that clings together when squeezed into a ball.

Healthy soil grows healthy plants. With billions of microbes in every teaspoon and dozens of worms in every foot, fertile soil transforms minerals into perfect plant food. Roots and stems grow thick and strong.

Treating with Bountea
When Bountea is BREWED for 24 hours using Alaska Humisoil and Bountea Bioactivator, it creates a solution teeming with trillions of beneficial microbes. As soon as these microbes touch the soil, they go to work breaking down organic matter and minerals.

Plant roots exude tiny drops of sweet sap that draw the microbes — the microbes feed and protect the plants in return.

The Bountea System includes special components to help every part of the plant:
Root Web for roots
Marine Mineral Magic M3 for leaves and stems
Bountea Better Bloom B3 for buds, flowers and fruits.

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