Step 1 - Bountea Brewer Assembly



Remove all contents from the brewer.

Step 2 - Bountea Brewer Assembly



For easier cleanup, stretch the strainer bag over the brewer rim. The use of the strainer bag is optional. Clip the diffuser unit over the rim of the container.

Step 3 - Bountea Brewer Assembly



Attach the air supply lines to the air pump. Plug the pump into an electrical outlet.


You are now ready to Brew Bountea Compost Tea!

Brew Kit Clean Up

  • Disconnect the pump and remove the diffuser unit from the container.
  • Rince residue from the container, diffuser unit and strainer
  • Unscrew the bubbler and clean with hot soapy water.
  • If needed, disinfect with hydrogen peroxide, not bleach.
  • Store the brewer and all ingredients in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.