Applying Bountea to your Garden

  • Allow Bountea to settle for 15 minutes before decanting.
  • If used, remove strainer with residue from the bucket.
  • Add Bountea residue to your compost or spread on your soil
  • Apply Bountea using a watering can or hose-end sprayer
  • Substitute Fungal Activator for Bioactivator when Brewing Bountea for shrubs and trees and during plant Bloom/Fruit phase.


  • General use: dilute 1 part Bountea with 8 parts clean water (1:8).
  • Foliar spraying: dilute 1 part Bountea to 10 parts clean water (1:10).
  • Set hose-end sprayers to the highest dilution rate.
  • NOTE: Diluting with chlorinated water will not harm the microbes after Bountea is brewed.

For outdoor gardens, apply 1 gallon of Bountea to 250 – 500 square foot of garden, regardless of dilution

Garden Growing Guide

Use Fungal Activator instead of Bioactivator when brewing Bountea for “woody” stemmed plants such as trees, shrubs, tomatoes, peppers and beans. Apply during the bloom/fruit phase for all plants.

For depleted soils and soils that has been over-treated with chemicals, apply Bountea intensively. The microbes in Bountea “clean up” problematic soils.

Specialist Growing Information – for indoor and outdoor growers

Hydroponics – how to use Bountea in your hydroponic system