A Complete Holistic Approach to Soil Fertility and Plant Vitality.

The heart of the system is Bountea compost tea – an exceptionally rich solution of microbial life and minerals. You make this by aerating Alaska Humisoil and Bountea Bioactivator in water for 24 hours. For more details, see Brewing Bountea Compost Tea.

  • To promote strong healthy growthg of leaves and shoots, you add Marine Mineral Magic M3 to Bountea during plant development (vegetative phase).
  • To strengthen and enhance plant root systems, you add Root Web to the Bountea once or twice a season
  • To encourage exceptional flowering and fruiting, you add Bountea Better Bloom B3 to Bountea as buds form (bloom phase).
  • To increase the fungal composition of Bountea, you use Fungal Activator instead of Bountea Bioactivator.

The components of the Bountea Growing System work together synergistically to bring you unsurpassed growing results.

Individual parts of the Bountea Growing System can also be added directly to your soil or used as foliar sprays for excellent results.

For more information see Bountea Brewing Tips.