John Evans is the inventor and developer of the Bountea compost tea growing system.  Using the Bountea system, John has grown numerous massive vegetables and thousands of high quality vegetables with extraordinary nutritional value.

Over many years of exhibiting at the Alaska State Fair, John won 8 World Records for giant vegetables, 18 Alaska State records, and over 400 first place awards for quality vegetables.

World Records:
Broccoli: Romanesco, 35 lbs., 19 kg
Carrot: 18.98 lbs., 10.314 kg
Kohlrabi: 39.5 lbs., 21.46 kg
Beet: 42.75 lbs., 23.22 kg
Kale: 28 lbs., 15.2 kg
Celery: 49.1 lbs., 26.7 kg
Swiss Chard: 71.75 lbs., 38.98 kg
Rutabaga: 53 lbs., 28.8 kg
Red Cabbage: 45 lbs., 24.58 kg

Recognized as an expert in the field of organic soil development, he has appeared on National Public Radio, BBC Radio, the Discovery Channel, the Food Channel, the Home and Garden Network, and Real TV; he has also been written up in Saveur and Sunset magazines.

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John has retired to Ireland where he continues to grow wonderful vegetables in his garden.

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