Gardeners are born as well as grown.The Evans family has a long lineage of farmers and gardeners including Violet R.H. Evans (1890-1976). Violet, the daughter of Sir George Bowen, gardened well into her 80’s at the Evans family estate at Ffrwdgrech in Wales. Her husband, Major J. D. D. Evans, was a dedicated aboriculturist and a member of the Society of Foresters of Great Britain.

Ffrwdgrech House had a walled one acre kitchen garden,and approximately ten acres of lawns and gardens. The grounds are open to the public in the summer.

Violets son Michael Evans (1913 – 2012) , is the late gardening patriarch. He gardened two acres at Castle Donovan, Ireland until he retired at age 97. His garden is a riot of rare trees, shrubs and perennials; one rocky section is covered with heaths, azaleas and miniature evergreens. Granpa Mike, as he is called, gardened all year round and grew enough vegetables to feed ten people. Interview.

Michael Evans has six children, all of whom are avid gardeners:

John Evans, born 1949 in Dungarvan, Ireland, is the founder of Organic Bountea (see Johnls records page). John currently lives in the Philippines where he is dedicated to helping change farming to bio-organic and sustainable methods. Interview

Roland Evans, born 1951 in Dungarvan, Ireland, is the head of the board of directors of Organic Bountea. He is a psychologist, educator and writer. Roland gardens at 7,400 ft in the Rocky Mountains above Boulder, Colorado. Interview

Veronica Evans, born 1943, Brecon, Wales, is an artist and Shiatsu practitioner. She lives part of the year in Trinidad and part in Ireland and England. Veronica is an avid permaculturalist and gardens wherever she lives. Interview

Dilly Evans, born 1947 in Ireland, owns “Forget-Me-Not,” a gardening business in London. Interview

Geraint Evans, born 1953 in Wales, trained as a grafter and propagator at Hilliers Nursery in England and nurseries in Holland. He lives in Rome, Italy.

Jeffie Hazell, born 1945 in Ireland, trained as an artist and designer and works in New York City. She lives and gardens in Beacon, NY.

The Evans tradition of gardening continues down through Granpa Mikels children to his great grandchildren.