Arena High School, Los Angeles
This BounTeach project was initiated by Seth Belsey, Sales and Marketing Director.

Here are some of the comments:

Thanks so much for your kind donation of the tea brewers!! You have jump started our organic garden, and we want to extend our appreciation. See below for our students reaction:
Best and thanks again!
Ron Roebuck, Arena High School

Thank you for showing us how to make an organic garden. I really appreciate that you gave us the tools to make the garden usable. Gardening is actually fun , I didn’t think that I’d learn anything from it. Everything is starting to sprout and im looking forward to the day that I can eat the plants.
Thanks again, Brittani

I want to thank you very much for your contribution to our garden at Arena High School.
We have been working on the garden for a short amount of time, but we have already seen improvements.
We have learned a lot about gardening and such, and your supplies made it so much more possible to have a great garden in our school.
Sincerely, Katie Matthews, Arena student

I would like to say thanks greatly for everything that you’ve donated, Ive been enjoying this new experiencing with gardening. It opens a whole new world too my life. Before this I didn’t respect everything that I saw inside of the stores I walked into. Now I look at everything as if I know what goes on to get the products I see. I would love to start my own gardens at home to be able to have my own supplies for food at home. The energy pored into the garden shows once everything starts to grow so quickly, watching the progress of the life of these plants and vegetables are very eye opening. So once again thank you for all the donations.
Sincerely, Carlos Gress