Bountea does just what it says it will do. Normally you can tell quickly in a day or so, that the plants are getting the right nutrition they need. My biggest Bountea success stories are from my customers–great produce that’s tasty and looks good.
Ken Hodge, Father Earth

With consistent use of Bountea products we have improved the health of our soils and are often praised for the quality abundant, delicious food we provide to restaurants and residents of Durango. Thank you Bountea!

Gabe Eggers, Twin Buttes Gardens
No matter if you have a small or large grow, Bountea makes it easy to incorporate aerated compost tea to your plants feeding regimen. The M3 & B3 also make great top dress amendments. We have been customers of Bountea for 10 years and can firmly say, this stuff works!!
Daniel Kulchin, Emerald Organics